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Cost Per
Mille Campaign

One of our most popular services is the planning and execution of online advertising campaigns based on the cost per mille (CPM) model, also known as cost per thousand impressions.

Cost Per
Click Campaign

Many brands want to ensure that their digital advertising budgetsare going to truly help them achieve visibility on their websites. For these goals, our cost per click (CPC) campaign services are ideal.

Cost Per
Action Campaign

Our team of experts is ready to help you with your next cost per action campaign. We can assist with every stage of the process from planning all the way through to evaluation and iteration.

Digital Video

If you want to make your online presence more engaging, digital video marketing is one of the most effective solutions. Our team at Aptnus will help you to plan, produce, and distribute high quality online video that can be accessed by your audience on any screen.


If you are a business to business marketer, you know the value of a well-qualified lead. Our team at Aptnus can help you to drive the success of your digital lead generation efforts using a broad variety of marketing techniques.


The modern advertising world is a mobile-first arena. With more and more consumers using their mobile devices to consume content, brands must focus their attentions on communicating on screen of all sizes.

Media Buying

Brands on the leading edge of advertising are all using programmatic media buying in order to drive more successful campaign.


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