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The modern advertising world is a mobile-first arena. With more and more consumers using their mobile devices to consume content, brands must focus their attentions on communicating on screen of all sizes. In fact, this year over a billion people will access the internet only through a mobile device.

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly dominant:

  • There are 5 billion mobile phones in the world and over 1 billion smartphones
  • Around half of U.S. households own tablets
  • Tablet users visit 70% more pages than other site visitors
  • Americans spend 2-3 hours per day using mobile devices on average

All of our services are designed to target a variety of devices. We can empower your digital advertisements and videos to offer excellent viewer experiences on mobile, leading to better brand impressions and more conversions on phones and tablets. Additionally, we can help you to plan and execute marketing campaigns focused primarily on smartphones and tablets. We will help you to take advantage of the many benefits and the enormous audience of mobile devices.

Of course, simply having mobile focused content isn’t enough. Today, consumers expect to be able to have equal or superior experiences on their phones as they do on computers. In fact, 80% of browsers will abandon mobile websites, switching to the non-mobile alternatives, as soon as they have difficulty navigating them. Clearly, their expectations are increasing every year.

Mobile devices offer, in many ways, superior interactivity than traditional computers. With touch and gyroscope input, smartphones and tablets can provide for extremely tactile interactions with brand content. Furthermore, the contained eco-systems of mobile operating systems mean that they offer greater interaction between apps and internet content.

Additionally, mobile devices offer a chance to connect with consumers consistently. Whether it is through real-time, geographic, or hyper-targeted content, mobile devices give brands new and innovative methods of thoroughly engaging customers.

We Can Help You Compete on Mobile

Aptnusprovides a complete package of mobile marketing services. Our team of experts can create or optimize content for viewing on mobile screens, leveraging the additional interactivity of smartphones to drive engagement. Consumers will have a consistently high-quality experience with your brand regardless of whether they interact on a phone screen or a television.

Our advertising networks allow us to bid real-time on media spots for digital video and ads on mobile devices. Furthermore, we can enable you to push branded messaging out to prospective buyers, targeted at their exact preferences and behaviors in the moment. Leveraging individual data and feeds, we can drive hyper-individualized content delivery.

For brands that sell products and services online, we provide optimized e-commerce solutions that streamline the buying process on mobile devices. 4 out of 5 consumers shop online, so an easy-to-use experience is essential for the success of any online retailer.

We drive the marketing success with campaigns designed to provide optimal user experiences on mobile devices. Whether you are a start-up organization or a global brand, maintaining a strong mobile presence is a must in the modern marketplace.

Contact us today to learn how we can empower your brand to connect with consumers through their mobile screens.

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