Cost Per Action Campaign Services

Our team of experts is ready to help you with your next cost per action campaign. We can assist with every stage of the process from planning all the way through to evaluation and iteration. Our comprehensive approach guarantees that your precise digital marketing needs will be addressed.

Cost per action (CPA), also called cost per acquisition, cost per goal, and cost per conversion campaigns, are an arrangement in which the marketer pays content publishers every time an advertisement leads to a particular action being taken by the visitor.

These solutions results in actions that are identified in two ways: click-through conversions and view-through conversions. This represents whether the visitor clicked on the advertisement to be taken to the business’ content or simply opened a new tab or window and visiting it directly. You can find more details on the specifics of how CPA campaigns work here .

CPA is often an attractive option for companies because it completely eliminates spending inefficiencies: the only time you will have to pay is if you achieve a goal conversion. As such it is arguably the most optimized way of paying for digital marketing.

Cost per action marketing can be an excellent option for many brands because they allow you to:

  • Only pay when your marketing achieves a goal
  • No chance on wasting payments
  • Business objectives built into the process

Our Cost Per Action Campaign Solutions

There are many different cost per action campaign types that vary depending on the intended goal of the campaign. The simplest and most common action is a sale; however, others can be used as well.

  • Sale
  • Form completion
  • New client acquisition
  • Lead generation
  • App download
  • And more…

Aptnus Is Your Ticket to Successful CPA Campaigns

Our team of marketing professionals will help you define the right goals for your cost per action campaign. For example, for a business to business firm, that may mean completing a form to be contacted by a representative; whereas, for an e-commerce website, it will likely be new sales.

From there, we will help you to develop the ideal creative to maximize your conversion as well as set campaign parameters to place your advertisement alongside targeted content. We don’t stop there either; our team will continue to monitor your performance, identifying the effective cost per mille (eCPM) of your ads, gradually fine tuning them to achieve more actions faster. Furthermore, we will conduct A/B split testing to help you to focus your promotional content over time.

We work with a broad range of publishers and advertising networks in order to ensure that your advertisements are only displayed alongside the most premium, highly-targeted content. This not only leads to generating more sales, more quickly but also leaves a better impression of your brand.

Our CPA campaign services can be used as a stand-alone initiative or combined with other services to create a complete digital marketing strategy. For example, an advertising campaign can start based on CPA and gradually be converted to CPC or CPM in order to improve cost efficiency as we perfect your creative and placement. Alternatively real-time bidding can be added to a CPA campaign to ensure perfect media buys.
We work with organizations ranging from start-ups to established global brands. Online the key to success is knowing how to align all aspects of a campaign with overarching business objectives. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you will achieve the digital marketing success you need.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you create the perfect CPA campaign for your brand.

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