Cost Per Mille Campaign Services

One of our most popular services is the planning and execution of online advertising campaigns based on the cost per mille (CPM) model, also known as cost per thousand impressions. We offer full-service CPM campaigns including planning, strategy, media buying and placement, and analytics tracking. This complete offering allows us to ensure that the brands we represent will achieve their digital marketing goals.

CPM is a type of campaign in which the advertisers pays a publisher, typically through an advertising network, for impressions of an ad in units of 1,000. Advertising online using this model offers brands a significant amount of freedom and leeway to develop and operate the promotional initiatives that work for them.

Business can benefit from CPM campaigns because they offer:

  • Significant flexibility
  • Greatest potential of any digital advertisement model
  • Excellent cost-efficiency
  • Applicability to any business goal

How Will Empower Your CPM Campaign

Our team of online advertising experts will help you to translate your business objectives into meaningful campaign goals, develop creative that will help you to accomplish those goals, and make sure that your message gets to the right audience at the right time, all within your budget. We combine all of these elements into a thorough and targeted campaign designed specifically for your brand.

Furthermore, we will continue to support your promotions even after the campaign has launched. Using an in-depth dashboard of analytics, we will help you to understand the progress and success of your advertisements. We can then make necessary adjustments in order to ensure that your online marketing will continue to serve your needs even as they evolve. This will also enable us to hone in your creative and placement, leading to ever improving cost-efficiency.

Our cost per mille digital campaign services can be applied to address any stage of the purchase funnel. Whether you want to increase awareness, interest, or sales of your products and services, we can develop a CPM campaign to help. In fact, we can create a series of campaign all aimed at achieving different objectives for your firm.

This service can either be used alone or as part of a more comprehensive marketing strategy combined with other services. For example, we could develop a digital video advertisement that we will place based on a CPM pricing model. Similarly, a CPM campaign could also be paired with a cost per click (CPC) advertising initiative in order to maximize cost efficiency.

Thanks to our connections to multiple advertising networks as well as our team’s expertise in setting campaign targeting parameters, we ensure that your promotions will appear alongside the ideal content to drive conversions. The right media buys can make or break a campaign; so we stop at nothing to ensure that our clients’ advertisements have optimal placement.

We help businesses, non-profit-organizations, and even government agencies to achieve their digital marketing goals regardless of whether they are a team of 10 or 10,000. The secret to online marketing is developing promotions the fit carefully with your specific needs.

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