Programmatic Media Buying

Brands on the leading edge of advertising are all using programmatic media buying in order to drive more successful campaign. Our team of real-time media experts will help you to employ programmatic systems that will ensure that you are able to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Programmatic buying is the use of automated systems to purchase media spots based on purchasing algorithms. This means that media purchases require significantly less human intervention. As such, companiescan purchase their spots rapidly and immediately display their advertisements in the placement. Typically programmatic media buying involves an ad exchange in which multiple advertisers place bids in order to purchase media spots that are up for auction.

This makes real-time bidding possible. In other words, businesses purchase their media immediately before displaying their advertisement. This means that they can more accurately target their ads. Additionally, it provides more flexibility and control over the middle of a campaign. Real-time bidding on media buys can also greatly reduce costs. Since the impressions are sold in real-time, they are put up to auction, typically for a discount.

Why Real-Time Bidding?

There are many benefits to real-time bidding over traditional pre-purchasing of media. They:

  • Reduce costs by bidding in an auction format on space
  • Increase results in a shorter timeframe
  • Improve budget flexibility
  • Allow you to exercise greater control over ad impressions
  • Permit you to update campaigns easily, even in mid-run
  • Focus on highly targeted content that is relevant now

Aptnus is on the Cutting Edge of Programmatic

If you want to upgrade your digital marketing to truly ensure accurate distribution of your messaging, we can help. Let our team analyze your business objectives in order to determine the most effective targeting for your brand. We will use this insight to determine exactly when, where, and to whom your ads should be displayed. From there, we will operate your programmatic media buying campaign, establishing and maintaining placement criteria that will ensure optimal media buys.

We leverage a large data set in order to achieve extremely effective targeting of consumers. This enables us to use parameters such as demographics, location, interests, behaviors, devices, time of day, and more to determine exactly when to display ads. We use a programmatic media platform in order to launch and flexibly maintain campaign ad placement.

Your brand’s image matters. We only bid on the highest quality media spots in order to make sure that your advertisements are paired with the best content. The right placements for each brand are different, so we select our target content specifically for your brand.

Our programmatic media buying services is used to drive cost per mille campaigns. It can be used in conjunction with our digital video and mobile advertising services. This can allow you to serve a digital video spot to a mobile user as soon as they complete a set action. As such, programmatic media buying can offer serious power and agility to your brand online.

We enable organizations of all sizes and in any industry to use programmatic media buying in order to achieve greater digital advertising success. Whether you are a start-up or global brand, we will plan and execute a campaign using programmatic media buying that works for you.

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